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  • ADVERTISEMENTS are accepted for publication at the sole risk of the advertiser.
  • THE PUBLISHERS do not guarantee that space will be available for the insertion of advertisements or that advertisements will be published on any particular date desired by the Advertiser.
  • THE PUBLISHERS do not accept liability for any loss or damage caused by failure to publish such advertisements for any reason whatsoever or for any omission or error in the text of the advertisement, as published, what-ever the cause of such failure, omission or error.
  • THEY also reserve the right to refuse acceptance and suspend or withhold the publication of advertisements without stating reasons and the Publisher shall not be held liable to damages or in any other manner whatsoever for such action.


We are the largest Newspaper Company in South East Asia and publish 3 daily, 3 weekend, 5 weekly, 2 monthly and 3 annual publications in Sinhala, English and Tamil languages.

The "Daily News" our English daily is the first Sri Lankan Newspaper to publish on-line. At present Dinamina, Daily News, Thinakaran, Sunday Observer, Silumina, Budusarana and Sarasaviya publications are available on-line.

The Dinamina , Daily News, Thinakaran, Silumina, Sunday Observer, Budusarana and Sarasaviya continue to enjoy the privilege of being two most widely accessed Newspaper Websites in Sri lanka.

We are in the process of systematically introducing all our publications to the ANCL website in the near future thus giving Sri Lankan expatriates as well as foreign communities opportunities of fast access to news in Sri Lanka.

No. 35, D R Wijewardena Mawatha,
Colombo 10,
Sri Lanka