1. What is the easiest way to place an advertisement in Lake House newspapers?

E-mail you advertisement to [email protected] and you will receive a link to pay for your advertisement with your Credit Card.

Call 1949 or 0112 429 326 for more details.


2. How can I get information about Lake House history?

All you have to do is to call our Library!

Please contact the Media Library on 0112 429 492 for more information on charges and other clarifications.


3. How can I purchase an old copy of a Lake House Newspaper?

All you have to do is to call our Library!

Please contact the Media Library on 0112 429 492 for more information on charges and other clarifications.


4. Can I use the Lake House media archives?

You will be charged a nominal amount for these services.

Please call Media Library on 0112 429 492 for more information.


5. How can I book a tour of the Lake House presses?

Please call Lakshman on 0772 226 779 and he will arrange this for you.


6. What is the deadline for publishing advertisements in Lake House papers?

Newspaper Material Deadline Printing On Publishing On
Daily News Day of printing before 5.00 p.m Daily (Except Saturday) Daily
Daily News - T & C Section 12 noon Daily (Except Saturday) Daily
Daily News - Classified Before 11.00 a.m    
Dinamina Day of printing before 5.00 p.m Daily (Except Saturday) Daily
Dinamina - Athurumithuru Wednesday Thursday morning Saturday
Dinamina - Classified Before 1.30 p.m    
Sithmina Friday before 12.00 noon Saturday Monday
Vidunana Friday before 12.00 noon Monday Tuesday
Arogya Monday before 12.00 noon Tuesday Wednesday
Youth Monday before 2.00 p.m Wednesday Thursday
Athurumithuru Tuesday before 12.00 noon Wednesday Saturday
Thinakaran Day of printing before 5.00 p.m Daily (Except Saturday) Daily
Sunday Observer - Main Sec Friday evening Saturday noon Sunday
Sunday Observer - Business Friday morning Friday night Sunday
Sunday Observer - Education Friday noon Friday night Sunday
Sunday Observer - Employment Friday noon Friday night Sunday
Sunday Observer - Spectrum Thursday morning Thursday night Sunday
Sunday Observer - J Observer Monday morning Tuesday night Sunday
Sunday Observer - ADZ Cov Pg Wednesday Thursday / Friday Sunday
Sunday Observer - ADZ 1st Sec Friday 12.00 noon Friday 2.30 p.m Sunday
Sunday Observer -ADZ 2nd Sec Friday 5.00 p.m - 6.00 p.m Friday 8.00 a.m - 5.30 p.m Sunday
Sunday Observer - Classified Friday 4.30 p.m Friday night Sunday
Sunday Observer - Marriage Friday 12.00 noon Friday night Sunday
Silumina Friday before 5.00 p.m Friday evening 8.00 p.m Sunday
Silumina - Watapita cover Before Wednesday Thursday morning Sunday
Silumina - Kreeda Before Wednesday Wednesday morning Sunday
Silumina - Rasaduna Before Tuesday Thursday evening Sunday
Silumina - Chamathkara Before Thursday   Sunday
Silumina - Sithmalyaya Before Thursday   Sunday
Silumina - Classified Friday 1.00 p.m Friday night Sunday
Silumina - Marriage Thursday 4.00 p.m Thursday night Sunday
Sarasaviya Tuesday - 2.00 p.m Tuesday - Mid Night Thursday
Mihira Tuesday Sunday Monday
Subasetha Friday (prior) Tuesday Friday
Daily Obituaries Before 4.00 p.m (For All Island)    
Late Obituaries Before 10.00 p.m    


7. How can I sponsor a Lake House event?

Lake House is proud to own some of the largest event brand names in the country and we conduct events that range from Tharunee workshops, The Tour de Lanka, Sarasaviya Film Festival and many more which all receive extensive coverage on all media platforms.

We are always on the lookout for partners that will be able to share our drive and enthusiasm and we make it our prerogative to give our sponsor partners the maximum mileage.

Call our marketing team on 0112 429 429 and we will be happy to work out the best sponsorship package that suits your budgets and gets your brand the best visibility.


8. How can I digitally advertise on Lake House LED Panel?

Please call Chanaka on 0773 675 255 and he will assist you in placing your adverts in the LED panel.


9. Can I print high quality material at Lake House?

Lake House maintains one the most cutting edge printing presses in the nation.

Our machines are capable of high resolution printing.

Please call Sujith on 0112 429 393 for more information.


10. Can I customise my printing order?

Yes! We will be glad to meet with you and discuss your printing requirements.

We will work with our suppliers to source the right paper, inks and other material so you get the best end result.


11. Can I get copies of old photographs from the Lake House archives?

Lake House has one of the largest and most comprehensive photo archives in the country. The photo vault dates from 1929 and cover every subject from art, history, politics and culture.

We would be happy to help you find the photo you seek from our archives and you may purchase a copy from our library.