Being part of Lake House legacy with unique past and future is a matter of great pride

Five long service appreciation award winners with ANCL Chairman Professor Harendra Kariyawasam, Finance Director Dr. Sunil Jayantha Navaratne, and Legal and Administration Director Janaka Ranathunga
Five long service appreciation award winners with ANCL Chairman Professor Harendra Kariyawasam, Finance Director Dr. Sunil Jayantha Navaratne, and Legal and Administration Director Janaka Ranathunga

Chairman, Prof. Harendra Kariyawasam

Professor Harendra Kariyawasam, Chairman of Lake House, expressed his satisfaction in being a part of Lake House, a prestigious institution in Sri Lanka with a unique past, present, and a promising future, on behalf of all the employees.

He made these comments while addressing the Lake House Long Service Appreciation Awards ceremony held on April 05.

The Chairman further commenting said, “Working in the same organisation for 25 consecutive years is truly a challenge and a remarkable achievement. Often, it is the male employees who complete 25 years more than their female counterparts.

These 25 years are filled with happiness, sorrow and many other feelings. It is indeed a challenge to work continuously for 25 years. We face challenges both in our work and in our lives. If life is a question paper, we need to find answers. If life is a puzzle, we must solve it. This is the message you all have demonstrated by serving in the same place for over 25 years.

“Today, we are awarding those who have completed 25, 28, and even 29 years of service. Their beloved wives, sons, and daughters are present here. Your husband, your father has worked in one of the most prestigious institutions in Sri Lanka. Our institution has a unique past, a vibrant present, and a future we can proudly talk about. Therefore, you can be proud to be members of such a prestigious institution. When we work in the Lake House family, we are dedicated to our tasks.

A recent example is our 35th Sarasavi Film Award Ceremony, where all the basic organisational activities were done by the Lake House family members. That is our strength. From the highest member of the Board of Directors to the lowest member, everyone worked together like a family.

“An appointment on paper alone is not enough; one must actively contribute to the Company’s development. This is the message these fathers are giving to their beloved sons and daughters. They encourage them to work with passion wherever they go. Then the Company will grow, and so will you. Each of us can contribute to taking our country to a unique place in the world. We appreciate not only the five who have completed 25 years but also those who have worked for the development of the Associated Newspapers Company Limited. We also remember those who will contribute to its development in the future. I wish that the five of you will be successful in all your endeavours and have the strength and courage to serve this country and society.”

H.M.T.P. Bandara, who completed 28 years of service in the maintenance department, also shared his thoughts:

“I joined Lake House about 30 years ago, in 1993. Since then, I have diligently fulfilled my duties. I have gained valuable experience from this institution. Lake House is a very important institution, and I am very proud to work here. We receive necessary facilities and a lot of support from this institution. I would like to thank the Board of Directors for carrying out this evaluation, despite the current economic situation, which caused the delay for many years.”

Among those who received gold sovereigns and long service certificates were W.P. Nalin Dilruksha (28 years of service) from the Dinamina Editorial Board, K.A.M.K. Kumarasiri (29 years of service) from the Finance Division, G.D.C. Sisira Kumara (29 years of service) from the Administrative Department, H.M.T.P. Bandara (28 years of service) from the Maintenance Department, and W.D.A. Kumar (28 years of service) from the Special Projects Division.

Legal and Administrative Director Janaka Ranathunga, Finance Director Dr. Sunil Jayantha Navaratne, General Manager Sumith Kothalawala, Additional General Manager V.S. Bois, the Board of Directors, and newspaper editors were also present on this occasion.