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Arahat Mahinda's arrival in Sri Lanka can be regarded as the beginning of Sinhala culture. He brought to Lanka not only a new religion but also a whole civilization then at the height of its glory.

He introduced art and architecture into the island along with Sangharamas and Cetiyas. He can be regarded as the father of Sinhalese literature.

Arahat Mahinda brought to the island of the Sinhalese the commentaries of the Tripitaka and put them into Sinhalese for the benefit of the people of the Island. He thus made Sinhalese a literary language and inaugurated its literature.

Establishment of Buddhism in Sri Lanka influenced the development of Sinhala Culture and the Arts.

Historians agree totally that the acceptence by the people of Sri Lanka of Buddhism, with which the authentic history of the island begins, profoundly influenced the subsequent course of events therein and has imparted to its culture its distinctive character.

It is a fact that the foundation of Sinhala Culture was Buddhism. After Buddhism was established in Sri Lanka, it began to develop with the royal patronage provided for it. In a civilization based on Buddhism many changes took place.

Mihintalava, as time went on, developed into a sacred precinct, a complete Vihara consisting of Stupas, Uposathagharas, Bodhigharas, Patimagharas, surrounded by Avasas.

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